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Bulb Recycling

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U.S. Tower Bulb Recycling Program

Over 2,800 Bulbs Recycled to Date

American Tower disposes thousands of tower bulbs in the U.S. each year. To prevent used bulbs from ending up in landfills, we initiated our bulb recycling program in 2011. When our tower technicians remove used bulbs from our towers, they place them in special containers and ship them to a recycling facility where 99% of the bulb materials are reclaimed and recycled. Since the program was launched in early 2011, our field employees have recycled more than 2,800 bulbs. Eric Jacobson, Tower Technician for American Tower, said about the program: "It is very important to our environment that we do our part in recycling the used light bulbs and Xenon tubes we take down from our towers."

The bulb recycling initiative is one way that American Tower has committed to the communities where we live and work through our Corporate Responsibility program. The program helps to protect natural resources including soil and water supplies by eliminating bulbs from waste disposal areas. "It's beneficial to be a part of a company that cares and it feels great to give back by doing something positive for our environment" said Chris Henderson, Tower Technician.