Towers and building

Asset Owners

Towers and building

If you own a tower or a building and are looking for new sources of property revenue American Tower can help.

As a leading provider of wireless communications infrastructure, we can help you market your assets to carriers, companies and organizations looking to develop and expand their wireless networks.

Let us apply our industry-leading experience to manage the network development projects and associated leases on your towers and building. Doing business with American Tower is more than just a transaction, it’s a relationship. We work closely with our asset owners and our customers to create deep relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships.


Lattice tower at night

Tower Owners

American Tower can help you get more from your towers. Partner with us and see more revenue from our tower sales, marketing and collocation strategies.

Building antennas

Building Owners

Our customers are always looking for new sites to help them increase the coverage and capacity of their wireless networks. American Tower has a number of solutions for developing communications sites on your commercial property, increasing the revenue your building generates and allowing you to focus on your core business.