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U.S. Health, Safety & Environment

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About Our Compliance Team

The American Tower compliance team is made up of three smaller teams, including our Environmental Health & Safety team, our Regulatory Compliance team which houses our Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and our Environmental Compliance team.

Team members in each of these functional areas deliver the highest level of service and support to internal and external customers as an integral part of new tower development, redevelopment, collocation, DAS, and asset acquisition processes. Our members secure required permitting and approvals and ensure processes include all necessary checks and balances to maintain full compliance with all regulatory agencies.

Compliance also actively contributes at al levels of government to the shaping of new regulatory requirements, challenging unreasonable rules and court decisions, initiating litigation when necessary to protect the company's best interests and working with industry groups to achieve common objectives.

U.S. Compliance Contact Information

Paul Roberts, Vice President, Compliance


Brook Zickus, Compliance Paralegal


Scot Sandefur, Director, Environmental Health and Safety

602-275-1413 ext 2306

Jenna Metznik, Director, Regulatory Compliance 


Network Operations Center