Image of tower in brown wheat field with mountains behind


Image of tower in brown wheat field with mountains behind

2011 to Today

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American Tower acquires the exclusive right to 11,448 wireless communications sites from Verizon Communications Inc., increasing the U.S. tower count to approximately 40,000. The Company also continued developing internationally, launching operations in Nigeria and expanding the global portfolio to over 142,000 sites.


American Tower CEO Jim Taiclet is recognized for the third time (2011, 2013 and 2014) by the Harvard Business Review as one of the 100 top-performing CEOs in the world.


American Tower acquires Global Tower Partners, the largest privately owned tower operator in the U.S. This increased U.S. owned sites by over 20% and also added Costa Rica to the Company's served markets.


American Tower becomes a REIT and begins paying regular dividend distributions to stockholders. The Company reached the historic milestone of 50,000 communications sites and launches operations in Uganda and Germany.


American Tower announces its intentions to become a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). The Company also expands in South Africa and Ghana.

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