Corporate responsibility at American Tower

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility at American Tower

At American Tower we believe corporate responsibility is the right thing to do — for our global teams, for our business and for the communities where we live and work. Our focus is on four core elements: philanthropy, ethics, environment and people. While corporate responsibility efforts will evolve, American Tower’s values will always remain the same: doing business ethically and with integrity, being respectful of our environment, supporting the communities where we live and work and hiring good people and positioning them for professional success. This commitment to corporate responsibility is unwavering and plays a critical role in carrying out our business strategy. 

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We take great pride in how our organization, led by teams of employees, demonstrates its commitment to the communities where we live and work. 

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Upholding the highest standard of corporate values is critical to the success of our business. Starting with our executive management team, our focus on ethical behavior lays the foundation of our Company’s culture.

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Environmental Responsibility

American Tower’s business model, the promotion of shared infrastructure to customers, is fundamentally green. Internally, our environmental awareness programs, focused on minimizing the impact of materials used in our daily operations, help ensure that we are doing our part to care for the environment in our offices and in the field.

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American Tower’s diverse teams reach far across the globe and all our employees, no matter where they are, understand that respect, inclusion, teamwork and communication are the cornerstones of our organization.