Discussion in modern office with light blue glass background


Discussion in modern office with light blue glass background

A great company is made up of great people. American Tower’s diverse team of employees reaches far across the globe—with offices from Boston to New Delhi, Atlanta to São Paulo.

And every one of our employees, no matter where they are, understands that respect, inclusion, teamwork and communication are the cornerstones of our organization.

Although we have offices in different countries with different cultures, there is one element that guides and unites us. Our Core Principles define who we are, how we conduct our business and are key to our success. At American Tower, we strive to hire talented people and empower them, as they are the most valuable investment we make.

Diversity at American Tower

We firmly believe that what makes us different also makes us stronger. It is critical to our success to foster a diverse workforce that not only reflects the communities where we do business, but also encourages a variety of thoughts, opinions and ideas. Each of us is unique and our employees represent a diverse team of industry veterans, seasoned professionals and new team members with fresh ideas and different perspectives.

We all work to ensure our workplace is free from discrimination and intolerance. We celebrate the diverse talent and skills of these team members, provide equal access to growth and advancement, and treat each other with respect. Our philosophy of inclusion influences how we relate to each other, how we manage our company and how we serve our customers. Above all, it’s about respect and what each of our employees brings to American Tower.

Read our Diversity Statement and our Vision, Mission & Core Principles.

Health and Safety for Employees and Vendors

The health and safety of American Tower employees, customers, contractors and vendors is a responsibility shared by all our team members. Our Company’s efforts are focused on corporate wellness, to successfully prevent injuries and eliminate hazards from our workplaces. Our safety performance over the past few years has surpassed that of the telecommunication industry as a whole, as well as that of all combined industries in the United States. This is an achievement that we are very proud of.

The ability to achieve these rates is rooted in our culture of safety at American Tower. We learn from our accidents, injuries and near misses, use this knowledge to teach our colleagues how to avoid repeating them, and remain vigilant to mitigate risks and keep ourselves and others safe.

Learn more about our Health, Safety & Environment programs.

Employee Development at American Tower

Employees define who we are as a company and American Tower is dedicated to providing continuous career development through self-study, web-based and instructor-led courses that help support one of the most talented workforces in the industry. We provide a wide array of tools and resources, including our online Development Center where employees can access training anytime, anywhere. The Development Center offers more than 300 online courses and more than 800 hours of online learning in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Wellness at American Tower

At American Tower, creating a culture of wellness is an important aspect of the commitment we have to the health and well-being of all employees. As part of this dedication to wellness, programs have been set up in many of our markets, including the U.S., India, South Africa and Mexico.