Tower with microwave dishes


Tower with microwave dishes

As mobile technologies advance, the demand on backhaul networks grows exponentially—not only in terms of throughput needs but also in the sheer number of locations where Ethernet backhaul needs to be delivered.

Whether backhaul providers are looking for fiber hut locations, regeneration facilities for long-haul routes or tall structures for microwave, American Tower can help. We can provide ground and tower real estate for your backhaul needs.

Increased Opportunities – Our multitenant collocation business model accommodates multiple customers on a single site, helping you reach more customers and increasing new business opportunities.

Ease of Business – With our growing portfolio of approximately 40,000 towers throughout the country, American Tower can serve as your single real estate partner, so you can avoid negotiations with multiple land owners and focus on your core business of delivering backhaul solutions.

Dedicated Support – Our dedicated teams of network development and leasing operations professionals offer streamlined processes and enable expedited deployment timeframes.

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