Premier Rooftops Skyscraper

Premier Rooftops

Premier Rooftops Skyscraper

Many broadcasters have discovered they need additional locations for the installation of equipment in urban environments.

American Tower has recognized the need of radio and television broadcasters to locate transmission and communications equipment in urban environments where people are and action is happening. We have assembled a collection of more than 170 premier urban rooftops located in the top 40+ Designated Market Areas (DMAs).

Perfect for main or auxiliary transmission equipment, microwave, two-way radio communications, electronic news gathering, traffic cameras and meteorological equipment, these rooftops are 250 feet above ground level or taller and are ideal for a wide range of broadcast equipment. We have established rights agreements on these sites and we will facilitate leases and serve as your single point of contact for site maintenance and property access.


Premier Rooftop Sites by DMA
New York27
Los Angeles22
San Francisco/Oakland12

In addition to these rooftops, American Tower has more than 60 other premier rooftops available in DMAs throughout the country.

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