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The Utilities industry depends on reliable wireless communications to deliver electricity, natural gas and water to consumers throughout the U.S.

American Tower provides cost-effective options for the expansion of wireless network coverage in your service area. Our wireless solutions support the development and upgrading of networks for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Land Mobile Radio, SmartGrid, SCADA, telemetry, FirstNet and other applications.

Experience – For more than 15 years, American Tower has worked closely with a wide range of customers. We are currently working with hundreds of utility operators to help them plan, deploy and upgrade their wireless communications networks for increased coverage and capacity.

Nationwide Coverage – With approximately 57,000 sites located nationwide and a commitment to grow to suit our customers’ needs, we help you deploy your networks and improve your wireless communications. If we do not have sites located in your service area, our Build-to-Suit Program can develop towers where you need them.

Site Support and Development – In-house resources, such as our Engineering, Network Operations and Environmental Compliance teams, can help you get your network on air quickly and easily (Engineering services in Illinois, New York, North Carolina and Michigan are provided through the associated firm A.T. Engineering Services, PLLC. Engineering services in Connecticut are provided through the associated firm A.T. Engineering Services, LLC.). Our Backup Power Solution and 24/7 site monitoring through our Network Operations Center keep your sites on air so you can focus on your core business.

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