Tower among the mountains


Tower among the mountains

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, broadband connectivity is increasingly seen as an essential utility. 

American Tower’s UtiliNet program can help utility cooperatives deliver wireless internet to their customers, keeping communities connected while establishing new revenue-generating services. 

Many utility cooperatives have developed their own broadband networks to optimize their business and communications systems. Now, they are capitalizing on the opportunity to offer wireless internet as an additional service and drive revenue growth. 

Our UtiliNet program is designed exclusively to help deploy wireless broadband networks. With our desirably located sites, superior resources, deployment expertise and customized pricing plans, we can help get your network on air efficiently and on budget.

UtiliNet Highlights:

Sites where you need them – Our  57,000+ communications sites in the U.S. can provide you with the wireless infrastructure you need, where you need it, to deploy your network.
  • 62% of our towers are located in suburban and rural areas
  • 81% of our towers located in these areas are greater than 150’ in height

Dedicated resources – We have an experienced team, who specializes in working with utility cooperatives. Our team is committed to understanding your short- and long-term business objectives and will partner with you to deploy a wireless network to meet those goals.

Specialized pricing – With commercial terms customized for utilities, we work with you to develop a network deployment plan to meet your budget.

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