Inside of a mall


Inside of a mall

Today’s venues require seamless connectivity to optimize business operations and satisfy patrons and visitors as they want strong signals and bandwidth.

Providing wireless that meets user demand can be an expensive and difficult proposition for property owners. American Tower’s Intelligent Core Network (iCN)™ provides a cost-effective, venue-based solution that enables wireless connectivity.

The iCN is a neutral-host infrastructure that is scalable to suit buildings of any size and allows wireless communications, such as Wi-Fi, public safety, security cameras, point-of-sale wireless, digital signage, wireless carriers’ technologies and much more.

Optimize Your Business with Strong Connectivity

The core infrastructure provided by American Tower allows properties to expand coverage throughout their facilities and fill gaps in network capacity, keeping guests and staff connected.

  • Robust wireless provides guests and tenants access to email, the Internet and social networking, enhancing their overall experience and leading to longer, more regular visits and happier tenants.

  • Staff can keep in touch and equipment, such as cameras, computers and cash registers, can be connected.

  • An expanded wireless network also benefits public safety service, as personnel can stay in contact with each other and guests who require assistance. This allows for improved response time and reduced liability. American Tower can offer a full turnkey public safety solution, so you can focus on your core business.

Change and Scale Your Network Based on Your Evolving Needs

Every building is unique when it comes to addressing its wireless needs. American Tower offers core infrastructure designed for the utmost flexibility. Our system can grow and change to keep your venue on the cutting edge of technology.

  • Core infrastructure delivers access to numerous types of wireless communications technology.

  • Network can be adaptable and scalable to meet your needs as technology evolves.

  • A neutral host fiber and power network that allows wireless carriers to select their preferred technology whether small cells or RRHs and the equipment manufacturer that best suits their needs.

Attract Carriers to Your Network

Our relationships with wireless carriers allow us to market your property to all major wireless carriers, maximizing exposure and increasing the potential for them to become a tenant on your wireless network. This provides an opportunity for your building to receive an extra source of revenue, while enhancing the cellular service for your guests and tenants.

For More Information

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