Tower on a two-tone field

WISP Testimonials

Tower on a two-tone field

What WISP Partners Say about Our Solutions

"American Tower has been a pleasure to work with. They seem to really be on board and excited to work with WISPs like ourselves...

...Typically, large tower companies are difficult to work with, but we really like American Tower’s new 4WISP program. We signed our first lease with them and are looking to do even more this year. American Tower has been great, I highly recommend working with them to any WISP!"
   John Jenkins, CEO – One Ring Networks

“American Tower is by far the best tower company to work with for WISPs."
   Dominic Serra, Director of Wireless Operations, 123Net

"Our business has grown rapidly over the last few years and American Tower has been a valuable partner during this growth. We were able to create a deal that will help both companies move forward bringing broadband to rural, under-served areas.  American Tower has been great to work with, and we always look for their towers first when we expand coverage."
   Scott Zimmer, President, Air Advantage

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