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ON AIR Services at American Tower

ON AIR Services

ON AIR Services at American Tower

ONAIR_Services_icon_large.pngIn addition to our broad portfolio of network solutions, we have developed a comprehensive suite of services that can increase your speed to market.

From turnkey project management, handling all aspects of site leasing from application to execution, to site development and network operations and maintenance, American Tower’s teams can help get you on air quickly and easily.

By focusing on American Tower assets, we have the ability to expedite your projects by utilizing our expansive and experienced Network Development and Network Operations teams. We have nearly 300 field employees across our three national regions positioned in close proximity to our assets. Our team’s familiarity with the local zoning and permitting regulations governing each American Tower asset allows us to proactively prepare comprehensive submission packages required to move your project forward with the governing jurisdiction.

American Tower resources increase your speed to market and decrease your cycle time. The knowledge and experience of our in-house Engineering and Regulatory Compliance teams allow us to better anticipate and plan for project variables, shortening the overall project life cycle (Engineering services in Illinois, New York, North Carolina and Michigan are provided through the associated firm A.T. Engineering Services, PLLC. Engineering services in Connecticut are provided through the associated firm A.T. Engineering Services, LLC.). In addition, the efficiencies gained from managing all deliverables internally allow us to reduce the complexity of the process and compresses the time frame for obtaining a Notice to Proceed.

We are committed to helping our customers deploy their networks. Our focus is on safely delivering quality and superior customer service. No matter the size and scale of your project with American Tower, we can provide the resources and services required to get you deployed and keep you on air.

Site Collocation Assistance
Comprehensive project and construction management that get you operating on American Tower sites quickly and in full compliance.

  • Site acquisition and leasing
  • Architectural and engineering drawings
  • Zoning and permitting for equipment and shelter installation
  • Utility coordination
  • Construction oversight
  • Connection to an existing American Tower Backup Power Solution
  • Engineering analysis and site modifications

New Site Builds

Meet your coverage objectives with a tower constructed to suit your needs when collocation on an existing site is not an option.

  • Asset development project management
  • Site acquisition and leasing
  • Architectural and engineering drawings
  • Zoning and permitting
  • Utility coordination
  • Construction management

Power Solutions
Minimize the risk of network downtime and keep your site on air during local power outages.

  • Backup Power – on-site generator installation, operation and maintenance

Network Management
Helping you maintain your network and equipment.

  • 24/7 Network Operations Center
  • Field personnel in every major market
  • Site and equipment maintenance