Beekeeping in Ghana

ATC Ghana is utilizing beekeepers to help conserve bee populations and keep communication sites safe.

Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem, but they can also pose a danger to tower site workers. In 2018, ATC Ghana began training, certifying and providing safety gear to local beekeepers to help eradicate bee infestations at its communications sites.

To date, ATC Ghana has certified 20 people from three local communities. When an infestation is now reported on one of our sites, these beekeepers safely transport the bees to protected hives. They are also able to harvest honey from the hives and distribute it in their communities.

This innovative, long-term solution keeps tower sites safe, conserves bee populations and provides an additional source of income for local communities. After the initial success, ATC Ghana is exploring a partnership to extend beekeeping training to additional communities.

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