At American Tower, being sustainable is working together to create connections. We are committed to increasing connectivity—both improving wireless communications across the globe and using our resources and outreach to provide and expand access to learning and other opportunities in our communities. Our society pillar encompasses our community programs, including financial contributions from the American Tower Foundation and volunteer efforts by our employees, our Digital Communities, municipal strategies, innovation and social investments. We are using our resources to improve our communities and taking responsibility for the social impacts of our business.

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$2M contributed

by the Foundation in 2020 to COVID-19 relief efforts

Companywide Efforts

One way we demonstrate our commitment to communities is through the Foundation. Launched in 2017, the Foundation’s mission is to focus on education and technology use to empower students, teachers and communities in need worldwide. Through grants, the Foundation facilitates partnerships with charitable organizations, such as school districts and youth development agencies, that support hands-on technology-based learning, increased student participation in robotics, and STEM programs that offer access to higher education for underrepresented, high-potential students.

Providing Disaster Relief

Diaster Relief

During natural disasters, American Tower infrastructure is critical in supporting public safety and relief efforts. During and immediately after such an event, our first priority is ensuring that all our employees are safe. Next, our Network Operations Center focuses on securing our assets, including making sure generators are fueled and fully functional, coordinating with our customers and placing inspectors on standby. After the storm has passed, all damage and issues identified are assessed and addressed based on criticality, with safety, service and access issues prioritized first. Beyond our towers being critical to disaster recovery efforts, American Tower also provides financial support to populations impacted by natural disasters.

Digital Villages

The reach of the internet in many developing countries remains limited due to cost, scalability, power outages and educational barriers. To help alleviate this problem, American Tower is using its communications infrastructure in an innovative way by building Digital Villages near tower sites to bring broadband connectivity to communities in remote and rural areas in India, Nigeria and Ghana. Digital Villages are computer-equipped centers or kiosks that use the uninterrupted power supply and broadband link from our sites to provide local communities with free Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) education and training, increase computer literacy and help create digitally empowered societies. Digital Villages have also helped developing countries address some of their most pressing challenges, including reducing poverty and inequality, increasing quality education, achieving gender equality and improving access to employment.

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