Data Centers and Edge

American Tower’s distributed real estate together with CoreSite’s interconnection and cloud onramp-rich data centers drive value back to our distributed tower locations. As a result, American Tower is helping customers achieve their business objectives with the launch of our edge data center portfolio. We are where you need the edge to be.

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Capitalize on the Next Wave of Digital Transformation

In today’s digital era, enterprises operate within a competitive 
environment and rely on technology to delight their customers. This has led companies to explore new ways to improve business results by deploying modern technologies, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and 5G networks. 

Although these technologies have unlocked new use cases, they have also produced challenges for IT and operational technology departments. To capitalize on the next wave of digital transformation, companies require low-latency infrastructure, access to an ecosystem of technology providers, and resilient data centers, among other requirements.


Achieve Better Business Outcomes  

American Tower can help customers resolve these challenges by providing the infrastructure needed to take advantage of today’s evolving technologies. By hosting IT equipment in one or multiple of our data centers, companies can improve the performance of their applications, increase flexibility, and enjoy reliable support for their most critical workloads.

We Are Where You Need the Edge To Be  

American Tower’s asset portfolio includes Edge Data Centers, in addition to distributed land that can serve as a potential data center in the future. These locations, combined with CoreSite’s Regional Data Centers, can provide the infrastructure needed to deploy the best technologies of today and tomorrow.

AEF Data Center Base Map

Differentiated Cloud-to-Edge Infrastructure


Regional Data Centers

CoreSite, an American Tower company, owns Regional Data Centers strategically located in metro areas. These assets reduce network latency by directing cloud resources to densely populated locations.


Aggregation Edge Data Centers

Aggregation Edge Data Centers deliver a streamlined connection from the core data center to the edge, where data is generated by end devices.


Access Edge Data Centers

American Tower operates Access Edge Data Centers, which are located on the premise of existing cell tower real estate. These facilities aim to support ultra-low-latency applications.

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