Ground and Rooftop Lease Acquisitions

If you receive rent from a cell tower or rooftop antenna on your property, maximize your asset with American Tower. Our premier ground and rooftop lease acquisitions division offers competitive prices for wireless lease buyouts.

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Ground and Rooftop Lease Acquisitions

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Who We Are

Our ground and rooftop lease acquisitions division provides liquidity to qualified property owners with tower or rooftop leases. We provide competitive payouts and can enhance the value of your lease through our longstanding tenant relationships with major mobile network operators.

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What We Do

As a leading digital infrastructure company, we help property owners monetize their wireless ground or rooftop leases. We acquire the property interests that underlie the existing telecom asset and provide a lump-sum payment to you in exchange for the future rent paid by tenants at the site. We’re committed to providing solutions designed to meet your financial goals.

Why Sell Your Cell Site Lease?


The Time Is Right

Demand for cell sites continues to expand due to exponential cellular and data usage, driving enhanced values for wireless ground or rooftop leases. While interest rates rise and values fluctuate, now is a good time to take advantage of our ability to offer the most competitive cell site lease buyouts.


Immediate Capital Puts You in Control

Ready to take control of your financial future? If you wish to pay off debts, reinvest, or kick start your business, a cellular lease buyout could be your solution.

Most landlords find that reinvesting the proceeds from a cell tower or rooftop lease buyout can generate significantly stronger growth over the long term than their cumulative monthly rent payments.


Minimize Risk

As the wireless industry continues to evolve, the risk of a rent reduction and site decommissioning or lease cancelation is always present. A lease buyout allows you to pass this risk onto us and secure your sizeable payment, before it's too late.


Additional Revenue From Future Tenants

When weighing the pros and cons of selling your rooftop lease, it's beneficial to consider how a lease buyout may lead to additional income in your pocket. After completing a lease buyout, you can partner with American Tower to actively market your property to new tenants, providing you with the opportunity for additional future revenue.


Sell Your Lease in Three Simple Steps

Our team has invested to acquire, lease, and manage their property. Our closing process is straightforward, with three simple steps:

  1. Lease Review and Appraisal
  2. Detailed Proposal
  3. Closing and Funding

Take the Next Step With American Tower

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