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Construction Management

Faster, Easier Tower Installations

New offering to streamline customer equipment installations and increase business value for our customers.

Offering Construction Management services for tower equipment installation is a natural extension of our Site Development Services offering, along with customer-driven structural modifications, Backup Power, Build-to-Suit, and in-building network solutions. Customers are looking for a fully turnkey collocation and a reliable partner they can count on to meet deadlines. After a number of successful pilot projects with major mobile network operators, our customers are realizing the business benefits.

Higher-Quality Installations and On-Site Support

As a leading tower provider, we are committed to ensuring installations on every one of our towers is executed to the highest possible standards, so our sites are well maintained for years to come. We know our assets, the available space, and existing equipment installations inside and out. We’re also already aware of any complications that could arise, and we can proactively address them prior to the forecasted construction start. These advantages significantly reduce the risk that unknown requirements or unexpected challenges will delay installations.

In addition, we’re fully dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. We have a strong, vested interest in going above and beyond by utilizing our preferred contractor network to ensure the highest levels of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Our team is on-site with general contractors, providing oversight every step of the way. To ensure no aspect of the installation is overlooked, we participate in pre- and post-construction walks, as well as other major milestones throughout the installation process. With a team of more than 350 construction and operations experts strategically close to our towers throughout the country, we can offer a dedicated level of in-person support.

A Single Point of Contact for Maximum Efficiency

As we take responsibility for equipment installations, our customers have a single point of contact from the time they submit their application to the time their equipment is ready for commissioning.

This single-contact approach accelerates and streamlines the end-to-end process for our customers. They never have to worry about handoffs from one group to another after the Notice to Proceed (NTP) is issued, or at any other stage of deployment. The site development project and construction managers coordinate every aspect of the application and installation and keep customers fully informed throughout the process.

In addition, because our customers no longer need to devote time and effort to finding and managing external contractors, they can keep their resources focused on core business priorities.

Rapid Access to Top-Notch Resources

In the highly competitive world of tower installations, it can be challenging to secure access to in-demand resources.

We’re already heavily invested in providing installation and construction services for our customers, so we can provide ready access to a pool of trusted, top-notch contractors that have experience working with our assets. It’s an important advantage for our customers and ensures installation projects stay on schedule or ahead of schedule.

We partner closely with our contractors and carefully manage our internal processes to ensure those partnerships remain strong. As a result, we can quickly and effectively augment our customers’ teams with resources and expertise they often don’t have internally and may have difficulty accessing externally.

Delivering White Glove Services

We are fully dedicated to providing all of our customers with white glove installation services. Customers who have partnered with us on projects have said they’re very pleased with the speed, agility, and expertise we’ve brought to their installations, and we’re excited about the potential to bring these benefits to more of our customers.

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Jason Lander
Jeff Crum

Since 2016, Jason Lander has overseen all planning, coordination, and oversight of construction operations in the continental U.S. for American Tower.

Jeff Crum has managed sales, development, and operations of the construction services program from its inception in 2017, when he joined American Tower.

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