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Availability and Performance Through Customer Network Management

How a truly customer-centric approach to network management ensures every customer has the insight they need to better monitor their in-building equipment

Today, most of us regularly use automated, self-service web portals to manage some aspect of our lives. Whether we’re paying bills online, following up on a customer service request, or scheduling an appointment, we all understand how web portals help us accelerate tasks and avoid the phone or travel time needed to complete tasks in person.

We’ve also all experienced the challenges and frustration of trying to use a general-purpose web portal that doesn’t provide the information we need in a helpful and intuitive way. Each of our customers has unique requirements for monitoring their wireless infrastructure, and we’ve developed the American Tower Building and Venue Network Management portal to reflect that fact.

Here’s a look at some of the key features a customer-centric network management portal should include:

Customized View With Complete Data Isolation

Our Building and Venue Network Management portal can serve each customer independently, ensuring visibility to only the components and supporting equipment designed for their own use. Additionally, it allows for customized views based on geographic responsibilities of the engineers.

For example, the portal can be customized to show the data for a customer’s network equipment across the country or in a particular region. We can also customize the portal, so specific staff have access to detailed features and data for their role and seniority level.

Automated Equipment Monitoring

Automation is crucial in a customer-centric network management web portal. If a piece of network equipment generates an alarm, the system should automatically determine if an associated ticket is required, create the ticket, and make information available in an easily accessible way.

In our our Building and Venue Network Management portal, colored icons on a map allow customers to immediately see equipment with critical alarms (red), minor alarms (yellow), and no alarms (green). Users can simply click on the red and yellow icons to see what the issue is, get the associated ticket number, and read the latest update from our teams.

Real-Time Updates on Open Tickets

It’s also very important to eliminate spending any time on the phone to get updates on the status of open tickets.

This means each customer must be able to see all open tickets for their network equipment, read a summary of each issue, and see the latest update on a resolution.

Tailored Reports

Customers have the ability to identify specific reports they need, such as network availability. They have the option to generate these reports themselves, or have the reports provided to them.

Insight Into Severe Weather and Other Major Events

When severe weather events are predicted, the portal gives visibility into how in-building sites are affected.

To provide our customers this insight, we added a special map view that overlays approaching weather patterns on customers’ sites. They can immediately see:

  • How the storm is affecting their network equipment
  • Whether networks have gone off air
  • What tickets have been generated
  • How we have responded to network issues

We take the same approach with special occurrences, like celebrity appearances or large sporting events, to give our customers’ teams another way to effectively monitor their communications systems, without having to call our Network Operations Center (NOC).

Seamless Evolution to a Self-Service Future

Network management portals must continuously evolve to better serve customers.

We’ll build on the strong foundation we have today and continue to enhance the American Tower Building and Venue Network Management portal with additional automation and self-service capabilities. We’re actively talking with customers to determine the features they need most. Some of the many ideas being discussed include the ability to:

  • Create IT service requests
  • View network usage statistics
  • Change equipment configurations

We’re also committed to seamlessly integrating new solutions and technologies into the portal, so our customers don’t have to learn a new system with each new American Tower solution.

You can request access to the Building and Venue Network Management portal, or visit our Building and Venues Support page and learn more about our tools and technologies used to monitor network health and performance.

Chad Dagenhardt
Chad Dagenhardt, architect of the American Tower Building and Venue Network Management portal, has been with the organization since 2013 and has several years of systems engineering solutions experience.

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