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Service First: Our Latest Steps to Serve You Better

Read about our latest efforts to comply with advanced industry standards, accelerate the leasing process, and automate structural analysis.

As promised in my last blog, here’s a summary of some of the most recent steps we’ve taken to ensure you enjoy a consistent and positive experience, every time you choose to work with us.

Electronic Signatures Accelerate the Leasing Process

To make our leasing process faster, more efficient, and cost-effective for our customers, we’re expanding the use of DocuSign® technology.

DocuSign technology is used widely across industries to electronically manage and sign legal agreements of all types. It’s also a far more environmentally responsible way to work than printing and mailing paper copies. We’ve successfully used DocuSign technology with a number of customers, and it was a positive experience for all involved.

To learn how you can simplify and accelerate the leasing process by moving to DocuSign technology, contact your Sales Account Manager or Account Project Manager for registration details.

Benefits of Advanced Scenario Analysis

We’ve recently upgraded to an advanced scenario analysis tool to automatically generate alternate deployment options. This new tool considers a wide range of physical and environmental factors, along with loading data for various scenarios, to produce multiple viable deployment possibilities.

With almost instant access to a range of accurate tower-loading scenarios, we can reduce the number of revisions due to potential failures, save time and money, and get you to market faster. Our enhanced software provides a more consistent process and helps you reach key milestones sooner, such as receiving sealed structural documents in a timely manner.

Our Portfolio Is TIA Rev H Compliant

The latest publication of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is TIA-222-H Structural Standard for Antenna-Supporting Structures and Antennas, commonly referred to as Rev H.

With the use of up-to-date information and advanced techniques and analysis, Rev H provides more specific and applicable guidelines. The standard includes updated criteria for load requirements, tower design, inspection and maintenance, climbing facilities, and construction impact for new tower installations and modifications to existing installations.

Because American Tower is compliant with requirements in the updated standard for our entire portfolio, you can be sure all equipment installations and modifications on our towers:

  • Meet the most comprehensive and demanding set of tower and antenna-related specifications
  • Reflect the most accurate and up-to-date data available for tower wind, ice, and earthquake loading, structural capacity, and construction standards
  • Make the most efficient use of available space on towers

Learn more about Rev H.

Jessica Roden
Jessica Roden is leading the customer service initiative at American Tower, using customer feedback to drive positive changes within the organization.

DocuSign® is a registered trademark of DocuSign, Inc.

Get the Support You Deserve

Get the Support You Deserve

When you choose to work with American Tower, we want to ensure you feel continually supported. Our teams take customer service seriously, and we are committed to providing a positive experience to every customer, every time.

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