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Channeling Collocation: How Channel Partners Are the Key to Connectivity for Enterprises

As the need for data center and collocation services grows, data center operators and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) should be working together more than ever before to extend services to more enterprises.

From coast to coast, the connectivity needs of all types of enterprises are rising. The number of data centers are also increasing nationwide. To bridge the gap between the connectivity needs of enterprises and the collocation services provided by valued data centers, there is an important player: the channel partner. These partners—MSPs—selling through the channel excel in connecting two companies toward a mutually beneficial relationship.

Channel Partners Connecting Enterprises

Through the channel, the relationship between data centers operators and MSPs has many benefits for all involved—the data center operators, the MSPs selling services through the channel, and the enterprise receiving the services. Because of their existing relationships with enterprises, MSPs typically have a firm grasp on the types of enterprises in need of collocation services, from both edge and regional data centers. MSPs can leverage their relationships with existing enterprise customers, in areas where they’re familiar with the geographic challenges for which enterprises may need to solve, to find them the best data center services to fit their needs.

Meredith Caram, Chief Revenue Officer with JS Group recently shared her perspective on the importance of developing a channel strategy, “Channel partners can help enterprises assess their specific environments and needs, which is critical to choosing the right IT strategy for their business. It’s a model that benefits everyone—enterprises receive the right solutions and the MSPs gain trust as a provider . The time to develop a strategy is now.”

MSPs looking to increase their recurring revenue stream can often do so by creating relationships with data center operators and offering monitoring and maintenance within the facilities. For more on channel agent selling strategies, check out this article in Channel Futures.

Channel Benefits for Enterprises

The enterprise customer benefits most from the channel relationship created between edge and regional data center operators and MSPs. Not only do enterprise IT managers gain access to the best collocation services for their unique needs, but they also gain access to the expertise of the MSP and the data center staff. Amid the Great Resignation, during which a record 4.4 million people resigned, staffing for experienced IT positions is a growing challenge. By taking advantage of the services offered through the channel, enterprises can rest assured that their network is in the experienced and knowledgeable hands of the data center staff.

The American Tower Channel Partner Program

The American Tower Channel Partner program is designed with the mutual success of MSPs, enterprises, and data center operators in mind. With access to our Edge Data Centers and Metro Data Center, as well as our newly acquired DataSite facilities, partners have the opportunity to grow business and increase revenue by complementing their existing offerings with our Edge and Metro offerings. All of this allows American Tower to serve more enterprises in need of collocation services.

To learn more, visit our Data Centers and Data Center Channel Partner program pages.

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