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Edge Data Centers: A Look Inside our New Atlanta Edge Facility

“Edge data centers” have become buzzwords in the telecom industry, but they’re more than just a trend. The proliferation of edge data centers globally continues, as the demand for infrastructure closer to the end user and lower latency rises. Last year, our parent company, American Tower, launched six Edge Data Centers across the U.S., including one in Ben Hill, just miles from our facility in downtown Atlanta. According to Global Market Insights, the edge data center market is expected to exceed $20 billion by 2026. This evidence suggests the term edge data centers is more than a trend, and that the facilities are becoming a key part of the data center landscape. 

In an earlier blog post, we explored the relationship between core, regional and edge data centers. But when it comes to setting foot inside an edge facility, what does it look like and how is it different from a core or regional data center? This short video of our Edge Data Center in Ben Hill offers an up-close look! Keep reading to explore some of the key points.

In the video, Sam Reagin, Colo Atl’s business development leader, walks viewers through the Edge Data Center in Ben Hill. Viewers are given an introduction to the robust security measures in place to enter the facility and monitor the site, and they can see the layout of the data center. It’s similar to what you might see at a regional data center, but with 360 square feet of space, the Ben Hill location has a smaller footprint. The video also provides a look at the facility’s cabinet space, power and backup power supply, and cooling system. Features include:

  • 23 customer cabinets
  • DCIM security, environmental, and power monitoring and control
  • 400-amp, 240-volt single phase 
  • 100 kW generator
  • 20 tons of total cooling

The Need for the Edge in Atlanta

The Greater Atlanta area is home to one of the largest data center markets in the nation. Colo Atl recently began partnering with Flexential to enable strong connectivity between the edge and its regional facility. The Flexential Local Edge solution brings the FlexAnywhere™ platform to Colo Atl. Using the fiber that runs between Colo Atl and the Ben Hill facility, businesses located further away from Atlanta can collocate at the Edge Data Center and still have the opportunity to connect to the internet and providers like Flexential. The advantage to end users is lower latency due to reduced backhaul, resulting in increased productivity.

When you work with Colo Atl at our regional facility or the Ben Hill facility, you’re guaranteed to receive exceptional customer service paired with our state-of-the-art facilities. Our professional staff is committed to helping with your connectivity needs in a top-notch environment that is safe and secure. To learn more about the Ben Hill facility, check out the video.

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