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American Tower provides the wireless infrastructure needed to enable a connected world—outdoors, indoors, and in urban and rural locations.

Ready for Next Generation Wireless

Best Locations

Our shared wireless infrastructure solutions are the foundation for tomorrow’s 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and NEXTGEN TV technologies:

  • More than 42,000 towers in prime locations, including approximately 30,000 that are 150’ or greater
  • Largest portfolio of broadcast towers in the U.S.
  • Managed rooftop sites nationwide
  • Agreements with approximately 1,300 buildings and venues
  • Nearly 8,000 deployed backup power generators

Accelerate Wireless Connectivity

Get fast and easy access to the locations needed for scaling and enhancing coverage and capacity to support today’s networks and new 5G applications.

Our entire organization is committed to increasing efficiencies and reducing cycle times to help get your wireless network up and running faster:

Online Tools icon

Online tools and optimized processes

for site applications and leasing agreements

Customer Aligned Teams icon

Customer-aligned teams

with industry-specific expertise to support your business

Dedicated Project Managers icon

Dedicated project managers and in-house engineers

to simplify and speed projects

Government Affairs Team icon

Government affairs team

to help ensure proper regulations for fast and easy collocations

Build-to-Suit to Densify Your Network

As technology advances and more cell sites are needed for 5G densification, existing infrastructure in the right location for your network may not exist. Rely on our Build-to-Suit program, with the proven track record of delivering quality new sites on time, to meet your build plan.

Get the Support You Deserve

Get the Support You Deserve

When you choose to work with American Tower, we want to ensure you feel continually supported. Our teams take customer service seriously, and we are committed to providing a positive experience to every customer, every time.

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