Tower Development Rights

American Tower has entered into an agreement with a leading travel center operator that allows us to construct new tower or rooftop sites on their property.

Map Point

Prime Sites

730+ travel centers near major highways

Smart Car

Ideal Locations

Optimally situated for 5G applications, such as autonomous vehicles and smart transportation


Expedited Tower Construction

Established ground leases reduce cycle time

Available Space

Vast Available Ground Space

Typical parcel size is 8-30 acres

Location Highlights


locations in 44 states


properties with <0.25 mile distance to a highway


locations situated <0.1 mile to a highway


sites without a tower within 0.5 mile

Let Us Help

At American Tower, we take customer service seriously. Our customers are encouraged to share their feedback, and we take action, with the goal of continually making it easier to work with us. We are committed to providing ongoing support to every customer, every step of the way.