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Supporting Employees
and Communities

At American Tower, we believe in the importance of providing support and opportunities for both our employees and the communities where we operate. Our Social pillar encompasses our employee development programs; diversity, equity and inclusion efforts; community initiatives, including financial contributions from the American Tower Foundation and volunteer efforts; and our Digital Communities program, among other philanthropic initiatives. We are proud to create shared value in the communities where we operate by enabling access to the digital world and creating value for our business and stakeholders.


A great company is made up of great people. American Tower’s success is rooted in the more than 6,000 employees, in 24 countries across six continents, 
who are working toward building a more connected world. In support of this vision, we provide a positive and inclusive workplace by attracting, developing, 
engaging and retaining strong talent throughout all our markets.

Although we have offices in different countries with different cultures, there is one element that guides and unites us—no matter where we work—our Core Principles. These fundamental beliefs define who we are, how we conduct our business and are key to our continuing success.


Training and Development

We want to empower our employees with the skill sets and knowledge they need for continued success. To help our employees thrive, we support them through a variety of methods, including professional onboarding, ongoing training and career development opportunities.

American Tower Development Center

In 2022, we launched our new and enhanced Development Center, which provides a localized experience for our global team members to select and complete courses related to skill development and technical training.

We provide access to an extensive array of over 9,600 learning materials to all employees, and managers have access to over 39,000 resources. These resources are available in up to five languages, catering to diverse needs, covering everything from job-specific training to fostering career growth and development.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to creating a culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion throughout all aspects of our business. Our inclusive philosophy guides how we interact with each other, hire and manage our people, serve our customers and engage with suppliers. We recognize a diverse workforce fosters innovation and contributes to organizational growth and business performance.

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More than half our Board members are women and/or members of an underrepresented group

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health
and Safety

We prioritize the safety of our employees, customers, vendors and surrounding communities and aim to eliminate accidents and injuries in all aspects of our business. We believe this is critical to our success; and, as such, our markets leverage leading occupational health and safety programs, which are customized to ensure compliance with local requirements and regulations.

Community Outreach

Community Engagement
and Philanthropy

Our culture is rooted in strengthening global communities through the cornerstones of our engagement program—reliable and inclusive connectivity, diversity and inclusion in the information and communication technology industry, social justice and disaster relief. We create positive impacts by supporting digital connectivity in underserved communities, actively engaging through employee volunteerism and providing financial support.

American Tower Foundation

One way we demonstrate our commitment to communities is through the American Tower Foundation. Launched in 2017, the Foundation’s mission is to focus on education and technology use to empower students, teachers and communities in need worldwide. Through grants, the Foundation facilitates partnerships with charitable organizations, such as school districts and youth development agencies, that support hands-on technology-based learning, increased student participation in robotics and STEM programs that offer access to higher education for underrepresented students.

Since its inception, the American Tower Foundation

has provided nearly $10 million to a multitude of charitable organizations that benefit a diverse range of causes and communities. In 2021, the Social Justice Committee was formed to support global organizations that fight inequality, inequity and injustice.

Digital Communities

Digital Communities

Being a global digital infrastructure company, our operations hold immense significance for the communities we serve. Investing in these communities is at the very heart of our business philosophy. We understand that broadband internet access and its widespread adoption creates pathways to education, career advancement and improved access to vital services like healthcare and financial support, improving the quality of life for those living in our communities. That's why we are committed to investing in Digital Communities, working toward fostering a more equitable and connected world.

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Emergency and Disaster Response and Relief

Emergency and Disaster
Response and Relief

American Tower infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting public safety before, during and after natural disasters occur. Access to uninterrupted communications is critical for first responders, local relief efforts and public services, as they help affected communities. Our disaster management approach is based on the principle that preparedness is key; and, as such, we take proactive measures to monitor extreme weather events. Through the use of sophisticated, real-time, third-party authored Geographic Information System (GIS) data layers, we track extreme weather events, such as tropical storms and tornadoes. The GIS data enables prioritization for site inspection and remediation after an event. We also utilize on-site cameras and other security features for additional real-time updates.

Beyond our infrastructure being critical to disaster recovery efforts, American Tower also provides financial support to communities impacted by natural disasters through employee giving campaigns and the American Tower Foundation.

Human Rights

Human Rights

Respect for human rights is an essential value of American Tower and vital to the operation of our global business. We have built a reputation on ethics and integrity and are committed to a set of values that represent the highest standards of excellence. We seek to avoid infringing on the rights of others and endeavor to address adverse human rights impacts within the communities in which we conduct our business. We expect our employees, vendors and other stakeholders to share this commitment to ensure we all respect and promote human rights in all our business activities.

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Embedding Sustainability 

in Our Business

Learn more about the many ways we champion sustainability and drive progress against our priorities.

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Governance Efforts

Environment Efforts