Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Wi-Fi, and Private Networks

The demand for fast and reliable cellular coverage is becoming increasingly important. However, having nearby cellular towers isn't always enough for providing the coverage and capacity needed in buildings and venues. DAS, Wi-Fi, and private networks have become vital for ensuring consistent coverage, offloading network traffic, and providing dedicated and secure connectivity.

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The Power of Neutral-Host Solutions

In today's digital world, wireless connectivity is no longer a luxury but a fundamental need that every venue must meet to attract visitors. At American Tower, we understand addressing your wireless needs can be daunting, which is why we offer several infrastructure solutions that provide the utmost flexibility to improve services and implement cutting-edge technologies.

We provide neutral-host solutions that are scalable to support multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and property-specific applications. This ensures our solutions meet various coverage and performance requirements for all types of wireless applications including voice, data, Wi-Fi, public safety, security, point-of-sale, digital signage, environmental sensors, and much more.


You shouldn’t entrust your venue’s connectivity to just any company. Working with a trusted partner, who understands the specific requirements of your venue and can fulfill the network demands of multiple MNOs, is essential to ensure a seamless and reliable wireless experience.

Elevate Network Performance With Our In-Building Solutions



Our neutral-host DAS solution utilizes strategically positioned antennas, connected to a central hub, which amplify and distribute cellular signals throughout the entire facility. By bringing the cellular network directly into the venue, the DAS ensures reliable coverage and capacity, regardless of the building's size or architectural intricacies.



Our carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and security for seamless wireless connectivity in buildings and venues. It ensures lightning-fast data rates in high-traffic environments and is secured by encryption, authentication, and authorization technologies.



Private Networks

Our private network solution delivers optimized, highly reliable, and low-latency support for diverse internal operations and applications. It guarantees a secure environment, free of interference from public Wi-Fi and cellular networks, ensuring critical business operations are kept separated from commercial traffic.


Edge Computing

Our edge computing solution, locating critical data at or near the premise, can enable forward-thinking venues with a low-latency network to deliver next-generation applications, such as Artificial Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR), facial recognition, and cashier-less retail.

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