Towers and Rooftops

Tower sites are the backbone of wireless networks, providing wide area coverage for high-mobility users. Meanwhile, rooftop sites work with towers to enhance network coverage in urban areas and fill gaps where towers are not available.

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Maximize Rollout Efficiency With Collocation

Building your own tower site can have risks and costs, and it takes time. Collocating equipment on our existing towers and rooftops is an efficient and cost-effective way to execute your network rollouts, while minimizing CAPEX.

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Tower sites across the U.S.


Towers in rural and suburban areas1


Percent of rural and suburban towers meet or exceed 150 feet1


Rooftops available to support your network

1. Based on American Tower methodology leveraging U.S. Census population data


Suite of Sites to Support Your Needs

CA tower

Wireless Towers

Tower sites are critical, given the majority of the U.S. landmass and households are in rural or suburban areas. We offer a range of towers, including monopole, guyed, and lattice towers, all of which vary in height and location. Whatever your needs may be, our portfolio can scale and optimize your network.

concealed cell tower

Concealed Structures

To comply with applicable local municipal regulations, we offer customizable concealment options for wireless infrastructure to minimize visual impact. Our structures, including flagpoles, monopines, monopalms, and full concealment, provide a solution for any environment.


Broadcast Tower

Broadcast Towers

American Tower was born from broadcast. Our first communications sites were for the expansion of television and radio signal coverage. Today, we have the leading portfolio of broadcast towers in the U.S., offering optimal height no matter your coverage requirements.

Rooftop Quincy MA


Urban areas have a higher population density, leading to a demand for more cell sites and network densification. Since towers may be scarcer in these markets, rooftop sites offer maximum network coverage, allowing you to deliver superior service to customers as 5G evolves. We have thousands of rooftops available for your network.

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